Evil's appetizers

Frankenstein's footlong

Hollowed french bread stuffed with all the cheesy and herby mixture and baked in oven


Shaitaan ke shikhampuri

Kebabs with molten cheese hearts finished with home made Indian spices


Nachos from the zombieland

Nachos topped with re-fried beans and topped with spiced queso sauce



Devil's blood

A thrilling mix of black currant perked up with Tabasco sauce, lemon juice, and black salt


Scream Shots

Three enticing shots crafted by bartender to make you scream


Cauldron of the witch (Soup)

A creamy and spicy green Thai soup with cubes of cheddar cheese


Taboos (Sides)

Voodoo fries

French fries sprinkled with in house spice dust, fried bell peppers and basil


Blood Marry's Mac n cheese

A spicy take on Mac n cheese baked and topped with crispy garlic flakes


The walking dead pizza

A gourmet loaded pizza with a twist


Greed of the evil

Dak bangla kaleji

Paneer kaleji korma served in hollowed bread topped with cheese sauce


Dawn of the dead

Flavorful baked Mexican casserole served with nacho chips on side



The unholy sundae

Crumbled brownie topped with chilled scoops of ice creams and sauces and accompaniments.